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I love the way you make me happy, and the ways you show your care. I love the way you say, "I Love You," and the way you"re always there.

If you r in a dark room, you find blood everywhere and the walls are shaking- don"t worry friend, u r at the safest place, you r in my heart.

U want & u get, that"s luck, U want & u wait, that"s time. U want but u compromise, that"s life. And U want & u wait & u don"t compromise that"s LOVE.

Feelings are many but words are few, clouds are dark but sky is blue; Luv is a paper, life is glue, every thing is false, only My Luv is TRUE.

I don"t care how many lips u’ve kissed, how many shoulders u’ve embraced & how many times u’ve said, I Luv U! All I care is not be the first but to be ur last!

A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted. -Billie Holiday

We cannot be together,
But we"ll never be apart,
For no matter what life brings us,
You’re always in my heart.

A candle may melt and it"s fire may die, but the love you have given me will always stay as a flame in my heart.

Love is a medicine for any kind of wound, but there is no medicine found in the world for a wound given by love.

Life is a book we all read it. Luv is a blessing we all need it. Always be happy, always have a smile coz. Remember in this world we are just for a while!

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