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If loving u is wrong, then I don"t wanna be right. My luv for u is strong & brighter than any light. The way we must go is long but we"ll win every fight.

Let love be the guide to your dreams, let love be the light to your heart, let your love be the reason why somebody else"s heart still continues to beat.

You put the fun in together,
The sad in apart,
The hope in tomorrow,
The joy in my heart.

If I could give u one thing in life, I would give u the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would u realise how special u r to me.

I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose, and then I looked at you, and I kept looking at you, for the rose isn"t as beautiful as you. 2

Never waste an opportunity 2 say "I love U" to someone u really like, coz it is not everyday u"ll meet the person who has the magic to let u fall in love.

If I were to describe true luv then I would describe it as what a snowman did to a snowwoman: He gave her warm hug n they both melted in each other’s arms.

Hearts could only luv 4 a while u can put many relations in a file, u can make a desert from the Nile, but u can’t stop my smile when I c ur name on my phone.

Little keys can open big locks, simple words can express great thoughts. A text from u never fails to make me smile the whole day through.

When it hurts to look back and you are scared to look ahead look beside you I"ll always be there 4 you.

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