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next generation child will sing : twinkle twinkle little cigar, i just went to royal bar, whisky rates are up so high, so drink beer with chicken fry :)

Munna: Teray ko maaloom hai k cigarette aik tarah say slow poison ka kaam karta hai.

Patient: To mujhay konsa marnay ki jaldi hai.

Girl in a party to a man: Excuse me sir kia aap mere FACE se 1 cheez hata sakte hain?
Man (KHUSH hoe huye): HAAN haan Zaroor bolo kia?
Girl: Manhoos aadmi apni nazrien.

Nehru sir ,Gandhi sir and singh sir went to america to attend a seminar after completing it they had a that party Nehru just joked "every thing is nice have some rice" all the delegates claped and our gandhi told"everyone are fine have some wine "again all of them claped at last our singh sir just thinking what to tell he told"U BASTARD HAVE SOME CUSTURD"

Teacher:every body write your lover"s name in one paper.
( after 5 seconds )
one boy:finished teacher.
( after 5 minutes )
One girl:Addiional paper teacher.

wat will u call mr.bean when he is sleeping
guess abhe soch yaar
kya yaar abhi tak nahi socha
U will call him soya-bean

BHIKARI: Saab Rs.6 dedo chai pini he
MAN: kyo? chai to 3 ki hoti hai.
B: Saath me giflfriend b hai
M: Bhikari hokar b giflfriend banali?
B: Na saab. giflfriend ne bhikari bana diya.

Dil ne kaha
Chalo SMS karo
Phir khayal aaya koi baat nahi,
Jisko karna hai
Wo Kon Sa QAID-E-AZAM hy..

What is the height of Mixed Emotion?
Ur Mother-In-Law Falls from 7th Floor on your brand new Mercedes & you dont know whether to laugh or cry........

Tough Love

A dying man smells his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies cooking downstairs. It takes all the strength he has left but he gets up from the bed and crawls down the stairs. He sees the cookies cooling on the counter and staggers over to them. As he reaches for one, his wife"s wrinkled hand reaches out, smacks his and she yells:
"No, you can"t have those! They"re for the funeral!"

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