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Yea, whoever fulfills his promise and guards (against evil) - then surely Allah loves those who guard (against evil). Al-Quran

He who truly believes in Allah and the last Day, should speak good or keep silent. Bukhari, Muslim

If a woman dies in a state when her husband is pleased with her, she will enter paradise. Tirmidhi

It is a great treachery that you tell your brother something he accepts as truth from you, but you are lying. Abu Dawud

May Allah have mercy on a man who is kind when he buys, when he sells, and when he makes a demand. Bukhari

None of you will have faith till he wishes for his (Muslim) brother what he likes for himself. Bukhari

No one has ever eaten better food than what he eats from the work done by his hands. Bukhari

One who takes back his gift (which he has already given) is like a dog that swallows its vomit. Bukahri

Permission to enter is to be asked three times. If permission is given to you, then enter, otherwise leave. Bukhari, Muslim

Prayer should not be postponed for taking meals nor for any other thing. Abu Dawud

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