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There is a good news for u.U r going to usa soon. Some scientist will take you there. Because they want to test that how can you live without your brain.

Aajib Hai Nakhre Tere...
Aajib Tera Style Hai...
Naak Pochne Ki Tameez Nahi
Haathoo Main Mobile Hai

Aankhon mein shrafat
Chaal mein nazakat
dil main sachaii
chehre main safai
phir kyun na bole har larki aap ko, mera bhai
mera bhai

paydaishi pagal ki 4 nishania�
1-seedhey hath mein mobile pakray ga.
2-anguthey se button dabaye ga.
3-msg parh k hansey ga.
4-soche ga k kisko send kru.

Har Lal rang red nahin hota,
Har Insan bad nahin hota,
Kaise kahoon par sach hai ki har koi aapki tarah
MAD nahin hota.

When u feel sad, to cheer up just go to the mirror and say, "damn I am really so cute". U will overcome your sadness. But don"t make this a habit.
Coz liars go to hell.

Aahat si koi aaye to lagta hai ki tum ho,
Saya sa koi lehraye to lagta hai ki tum ho,
Ab tumhi batao tum kya kisi bhoot se kam ho?

Taste this SMS
Did u feel the taste of ginger?
Bandar kya janey adrak ka swaad..!

How much is 1+1 = ?
Bataoo Na
Are you looking 4 answer?

Morning News
Scientist all over the world r wondering how long a human can live without brain.. Kindly tell them ur age
Thr"s a meeting @ mental hospital all nurses, doc, attendants r present but meeting has not started bcoz the patient is still busy reading this SMS

Sorry to inform u that u have a brain problem.
Your brain has 2 parts: Left and Right.
The left has nothing right in it & the right has nothing left in it.

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