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One Boy To Another,
What Did U Do On Mothers Day?

2nd Boy,
I Tried To Help Few Girls To Become A Mother

It is a modern ramayan
Once Rama, laxman and sita were travelling in a mercedes benz. Suddenly Petrol turned to Empty, Rama and laxman went to bring petrol from the nearest petrol bunk. Then cruel Ravana came and kidnaped sita in a helicopter, then Hanuman coming in a bike jumped and hit the helicopter.It broken into 3 halves. Then ravana askes Hanuman how did u got this much energy .
Then Hanuman Says

You are very special for me. I am very worry about you. But I can"t be always with you. So good take care of yourself when you jump from 1 tree to another.

Husband: Today is sunday & I have to enjoy it.
So i bought 3 movie tickets.
Wife: why three?

Husband: 1 for you and two for your parents

Funny Sms a true love stroy
once a mosquito falls in love with a hen
one day they kissed each other
hen dies of malaria
and mosquito dies of bird-flu

Man1 sitting with dog.
Man2:Your dog bits?
2nf Man sits and the dog bits!
Man2 angrily, you said he does not bit!
Man:That is not my dog.

Do u want nokia n73
With free sim,
With 100 sms free.
750 ka free air time.
Then just log on to www.ghareeb

7 saal pehly meri gf k sary bhai ghar pe rehty thay or date marna imposibl tha!
Aj sub aate ki line mai khary rehty hain faraq toh parah hai geo Musharraf

Wife: suno g doctor ne mujhe aik maheenay k araam k liye beautiful foreign country janay ko kaha hai.
Hum kahan jayen gay?
Husband: doosray doctor k passs..

ghalib farmate hain:
hazaron larkiya aesi k har larki pay dam niklay!
jis pay dam niklay uski saheli us say bhi udham nikle.

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