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Q. Letter after f+half of 8+opposite of b +letter before c +opposite
of 7+middle of sea + 19th letter * 2 + middle of sun ?

simplicity satisfies u..
artificiality dissatisfies u..

*duaon ki bheer ma ek dua hamari*jis ma mangi ham nay har khushi tumhari*jab bhi muskurao tum dil se *samjho dua qabool hoi hamari*

When someone loves U, U don"t realize it...When U realize it, Its too late.
U always love the one who leaves U & Leave the one who loves U...

Nothing is to want...
Nothing is to say...
It"s my Pray...

Tum jahaan bhi raho sada khush raho,
tumhe dil se main bhula rahi hoon aj ...
tumharay pyar ki jo haseen yaadain hain dil main,
un yaadon ko louta rahi hoon aj ...
tumhari bewafai ka kya charcha karoon,
apni wafa pe sharma rahi hoon,
mujhe tumhari bewafai se koi shikwa nahi,
main tumhari zindagi se hi ja rahi hoon aj ....!!

LEAVES dont just FALL from the tree, CLOUDS dont just FORM in the sky, ANGELS dont just COME DOWN from heaven n I dont just SMS any1 unless they r SPECIAL.

learn to smile
learn to cry
learn to give
learn to forgive
learn to share
learn to trust
learn to love
n learn to say

Zindagi kya hai?
Allama iqbal nay kaha zindagi aik safar hai.
Phool nay kaha zindagi khushbu ka naam hai.
Kantay nay kaha zindagi chubhan ka naam hai.
Barsaat nay kaha zindagi barasnay ka naam hai.
Chand nay kaha zindagi chandni ka naam hai.
Taqdeer nay kaha zindagi thokar ka naam hai.
Khud zindagi nay kaha zindagi mout hai.

I may not alvez txt u but our distance makes me miss u
I may not alvez stay in touch but i care 4 u so veri much
I may not alvez stop 2 say hi but i neva hope 2 say gudbye!!

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