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Malomati sawal?

Dopahar k khana ko english main kia khatay hain aur ager us k akhri do alfaz
kat do to kya banta hai?drust jawab diya toh sare ka sara tum la layna!!

Train ki patri pay mat betho. Train aaye gi aur gand phat jaye gi. Abhi to haath
say gaand dhotay ho phir haath say gand dho betho gay.

It is said that inzamam don"t understand english. Once commentator asked, "Hay inzi your wife had a baby last week, is this true?". Inzi said, "Bismillah Hir
Rahman Raheem first of all i thanks to Allah and then credit goes to all boys,
they really worked hard especially afridi done very well. If they continue we
can have another chance.

Khussra wanted to join army and after medical check up the doctor said that u r
rejected bcoz u dont have LUN. Khussara answered : ooyyyee tussii bandook chalwani hai ya bund marwani hai!!!

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